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City Hotel Ljubljana



1.A. How to get there    
1.B. Getting in    
1.C. Using the facility          


2.A Health Services      
2.B. Mobility Services    
2.C. Nutrition    


3.A. Insights into Regional Culture      
3.B. Experiencing Nature, Sports and Movement    
3.C. Education and Contacts    
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City Hotel is located in the centre of the city, right next to the old city core. Pleasant hotel offers hospitality to travelers with 80 standard rooms, 80 superior airconditioned rooms and 3 luxury airconditioned apartments. During their stay there, rich buffet breakfast, 24-7 health care assistance, cable internet access in hotel room, internet corner and wireless access in hotel’s lobby, free use of hotel’s library with books and newspapers and magazines in different languages, free use of baby cot, free use of hotel’s bicycles and free use of ironing board are on disposal. With it conference centre, hotel is especially suitable for business travelers. There is also a restaurant in City Hotel. The City restaurant offers playful and comfortable environment, which can seat 140 guests. Hotel cuisine is enriched with the touch of the past and it is a continuation of a 100 years old hotel industry tradition on this spot.
The entrance door and lift door are wide enough for easy access with a wheelchair. At the reception is always one wheelchair to use. Toilets on the first floor are accessible. Hotel has 6 rooms completely accessible for wheelchair users. There is no disturbing rugs on the floor in the hotel. There's a possibility for emergency call in every room. Wheelchair users can hire a nurse or physiotherapist to help them for their length of stay. Hotel is offering accessible transfer on different events and for sightseeing.
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Website - Url:
PostCode: 1000
City: Ljubljana
Detailed Address:
Dalmatinova 15
Telephone: 0038612390000
Fax: 0038612390001
MIT! - Make it accessible! Promote barrier-free travelling for senior citizens and people with handicaps through innovative marketing strategies based on awareness of specific requirements, needs and active interest in social inclusion 504655-LLP-1-2009-1-DE-LEONARDO-LMP Το σχέδιο αυτό χρηματοδοτήθηκε με την υποστήριξη της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής. Η παρούσα δημοσίευση (ανακοίνωση) δεσμεύει μόνο τον συντάκη της και η Επιτροπή δεν ευθύνεται για τυχόν χρήση των πληροφοριών που περιέχονται σε αυτήν.
The pictogramme series used is based on the publishers: anatom5 perception marketing GbR and Nationale Koordinationsstelle Tourismus für Alle e.V. (copyright: anatom5 GmbH in cooperation with Natko) and added by the pics for short guests and guests with low kinetic energy.