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Royal Myconian Resort & Thalassa Spa Center



1.A. How to get there    
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2.A Health Services      
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2.C. Nutrition    


3.A. Insights into Regional Culture      
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On a private sandy beach, the luxurious Royal Myconian Resort & Thalasso Spa offers beautiful accommodation with excellent health and spa facilities, along with free shuttle service to Mykonos Town. With amazing views of the Aegean Sea, the 5-star Royal Myconian is a peaceful, relaxing and exclusive resort with a calm and relaxing atmosphere. All accommodation is comfortable and luxurious down to the smallest detail. After enjoying the delicious free breakfast at the restaurant, guests are invited to relax in the large pool area, or at the resorts private beach. For total relaxation and wellbeing, guests can choose from a long list of Thalasso spa treatments. Beautiful sea views accompany authentic Greek gourmet specialties in the resort's 2 restaurants. Guests can make use of the free shuttle service between the Royal Myconian Resort & Thalasso Spa and the airport or port. Rooms: 112

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Website - Url:
PostCode: 123
City: Mykonos
Detailed Address:
Mykonos 45
Telephone: 210003030303
Fax: 210003000304
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The pictogramme series used is based on the publishers: anatom5 perception marketing GbR and Nationale Koordinationsstelle Tourismus für Alle e.V. (copyright: anatom5 GmbH in cooperation with Natko) and added by the pics for short guests and guests with low kinetic energy.